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Partnering with one of the FASTEST GROWING groups at eXp Realty grants you a personal coach, a step-by-step business roadmap, 24/7 support all designed to launch your career to the next level. This is all included at no extra cost to you when you partner with eXp Realty.


If you are an EXPERIENCED agent (2+ years of experience) Your next level of success starts here. Click the Link Below for Experienced Agents.

If you are a NEW agent (LESS than 2 years of experience) eXp Realty is the perfect place to grow your business. Click the Link Below for New Agents.

Community Collaboration

You will become part of our incredible NXTGEN community of real estate professionals, selling thousands of homes each year across the country. You will learn what's working from the agents having success using the proven systems.

Step by Step Implementation

Our proven, step-by-step coaching system equips you with the tools and knowledge to sign more listings, find more buyers, and build a high-performing team – whether you're leveraging social media already or traditional methods. No matter where you are in your real estate journey, we have a roadmap for your success.

Mentorship and Coaching

You will be personally mentored by one of our hyper-successful agents who combined sold over a billion in real estate in 2023. Plus, gain access to our Coaching Vault, 300+ hours of recorded training plus virtual sessions 3 times per week, plus one-on-one weekly sessions with your coach to keep you on track.

Complete Marketing Center

We have everything you need from Neighborhood Farming Materials, Listing Presentations, and Social Media Templates. We have thousands of prebuilt customizable templates that let your brand stand out and create your own look and feel for your business.

Multiple Income Streams That Are willable to your Kids

We teach you how to keep more of your hard earned commissions than you would at any other brokerage with equity ownership, rev share implementation, sales awards and a proven exit/retirement strategy that will leave a lasting profitable legacy.

All Stages of your Business

NXT Agents range from brand new agents with full-time jobs to the #1 mega-team in their state. We work with you to build a scalable, obtainable business plan that includes our proven systems to guarantee your business success in the always challenging real estate industry.

200+Active Agents

$1B+Sold 2023


About us

Your Roadmap to the Flexible Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted.

Instantly add the systems, knowledge, and community you need to scale in today's challenging real estate market. When you become a partner, we equip you with critical tools, expert advice, and constant encouragement. We will build your real estate network with your own custom path, filled with proven systems and tools, an incredible network of highly successful people, with unmatched support.

Pick What's Right For You

Whether you're a new agent looking for a solid foundation, a seasoned pro aiming to take your business to new heights, or a team leader seeking to scale your operations, NXTGEN and eXp Realty have the resources you need

Pre-License & Brand New Agents

Growing & Experienced Agents

Team Leaders & Independent Brokers

Kickstart your real estate career with NXTGEN! Gain access to our award-winning mentorship program, cutting-edge technology ecosystem, and comprehensive training resources. We'll equip you with the tools and support you need to thrive as a new agent.

Take your sales to the NXT level with our innovative NXTGEN system, industry-leading revenue share program, competitive commission structure, equity ownership and the best collaborative culture to empower experienced agents like you to achieve new heights.

Scale your real estate organization worldwide with NXTGEN. We offer a revolutionary model that eliminates traditional brokerage overhead, provides equity ownership opportunities, and empowers you to focus on growing your team.

#1 NXTGEN agents hold the top spot in MULTIPLE STATES in terms of Production at eXp!

Your Path to Passive Income

Build a lasting legacy and secure your financial future with eXp Realty. Our exclusive NXTGEN Agent Attraction Blueprint provides a proven roadmap and resources to create a thriving revenue-sharing organization. Unlock multiple streams of passive income that can be passed down to your loved ones, ensuring their financial well-being for generations to come.

Live NXTGEN Events

Missed our live events? For A Limited Time unlock the secrets to real estate success with our on-demand recordings FREE! Gain access to the same game-changing strategies, expert insights, and inspiring stories that have propelled agents nationwide to new heights.

Discover How We're Changing Lives, One Agent at a Time.

We joined in December and he helped us open a new market as we now have a team in Florida and Ohio! We have received referrals, training, support, and tons of other help! He can help you.

Eric Gross

Getting everyone across the country and not just in your local area. You get so many different views, so many different ways of doing things. So you're not recreating the wheel.

Tia Appleton

All agents are making 6 figures, not just one or two 🙌 Come join us and stop being a broke agent!!!

Jenn Ford

Take Control of Your Business NOW

Have questions about achieving your business goals? We're here to help. Schedule a time to discuss your situation and discover how our platform can be tailored to your specific needs and maximize your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay extra for coaching and mentorship at NXTGEN?

Absolutely not! We believe in investing in your success from day one. When you join NXTGEN, you'll receive tailored coaching and mentorship at no additional cost. Our coaches are committed to your growth and only get paid when you do.

How does NXTGEN help new agents get started in real estate?

We offer a comprehensive onboarding program that covers everything from lead generation and marketing to contract negotiation and transaction management. You'll have access to a wealth of resources and support to help you build a strong foundation and hit the ground running.

What sets NXTGEN's coaching and mentorship program apart from others?

At NXTGEN, we provide unmatched support and resources to help you build a profitable real estate business. You'll receive personalized coaching, industry leading training, and access to proven lead generation systems, all designed to accelerate your success and maximize your earning potential.

What sets eXp Realty apart from traditional brokerages?

eXp Realty revolutionizes the traditional brokerage model with its cloud-based platform, eliminating the need for physical offices. Agents benefit from extensive training and support resources, while the revenue sharing and stock ownership programs offer unique financial incentives not found in traditional brokerages.

What are the benefits of eXp's cloud-based model?

eXp's cloud-based model offers agents unparalleled flexibility to work from anywhere, eliminates the constraints of traditional brick-and-mortar offices, and provides access to a vast network of agents and resources worldwide. This innovative approach reduces overhead costs and fosters a collaborative environment for agents to thrive.

What kind of community and support can I expect as a NXTGEN agent?

NXTGEN is more than just a coaching group; it's a collaborative community of like-minded professionals dedicated to supporting each other's growth. You'll have access to a network of peers, mentors, and coaches who are invested in your success.

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